New Hampshire Climbing, Mountaineering, Skiing Guide

Turn right at that time, and drop right down to Forest Service Road 275C on the left. You will climb a couple of steeps at the beginning of Round the Mountain, after which the path weaves out to the south flank of Deer Point, offering huge views of the Treasure Valley. The trail itself was built with some enjoyable challenges in mind -- you'll encounter some rock options near creek crossings, many good but slim wood bridges, some quick downhill switchbacks with banked corners, and a few steep uphills. You'll be able to take the Morningstar singletrack downhill from there, or select no matter route you like to the base lodge. That is where you'll encounter the enjoyable downhill switchbanks with banked corners. Mahalo has a bunch of fun singletrack thanks to SWIMBA! Drop down from Mahalo and take the Dry Creek path again to Boise. After you've been on the Round the Mountain Trail for about 2 miles, you may cross the Boise Ridge Road.

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